The Matrix Rower

When you think of home gym equipment many of the typical items come to mind. Much time is spent debating over an elliptical machine or treadmill. One piece of equipment thats often overlooked is the rowing machine. These machines are great for calorie blasting workouts. One of the best rowing machines currently on the market is the Matrix Rower. This article will introduce you to the features of the Matrix Rower and the benefits of rowing.

When you hear the name Matrix Rower you should already know that your looking at a high quality product. Matrix is a well known brand in the fitness industry and produces many high quality and long lasting cardio machines. The matrix rower mimics boat rowing movements to condition your upper and lower body. The machine uses fan air resistance in several settings so you can increase difficulty over time. One complaint you may hear of with rowers is their noisy operation. Not so with the Matrix Rower. Its fan wheel technology and aluminum slide rail reduce noise and make for a very smooth glide.

Why do fitness enthusiasts love rowing machines? One of the first reasons, is that they provide a totally new and different option for cardiovascular training. Treadmills and bikes can become boring overtime, and its nice to mix it up. Another important reason is that they provide a cardiovascular and endurance workout for your lower and upper body. You will build up endurance strength in your legs, arms, back, and shoulders completing these rowing movements.

Rowing machines are additionally popular with older adults because they are a non weight bearing cardiovascular machine. They can provide an exercise option for someone who cannot ride a bike or walk on a treadmill. Youll also enjoy the energy savings you get from the Matrix rower. The only power required is a few AA batteries for the display console. The rest of the machine is powered by you when youre ready to use it!

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